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Return Policy 

Foz Gourmet recommends a careful reading of the Cancellation and Return Policy below. 

By accessing and using this Website, you represent that you have read, understood and accepted the Return Policy provided, without further action or consent.

Access and use of other Foz Gourmet platforms is similarly governed by this Return Policy as applicable and with their adaptations. 

The Return Policy may be changed at any time, as the changes take effect from the date of their update on the website. Your subsequent access to and use of the website or platforms will be considered as an unmistakable sign that you have read, understood and accepted the new Returns Policy changes.

The following points of the Returns Policy are also available on the point 6 of the Terms and Conditions page of this website. Hereby listed with the same point number.

6. Cancellation and Return Policy

6.1 Foz Gourmet recognizes to all its customers the right to terminate the contracts they enter into with it, allowing them to return, within 14 days, the products purchased under Decree-Law nº24/2014, de 14 de Fevereiro. 

6.2 The cancellation or return process is handled on a case by case basis by Foz Gourmet. To request an exchange or return, the customer is requested to contact Foz Gourmet by email within 14 days after ordering, indicating the order number or the document number that accompanied the order, taking into account the conditions detailed below in the following topics:

a) To return the order, the product must be in perfect condition, and where appropriate with its original packaging, accessories or promotional offers included, and proof of purchase or invoice.
b) The cost of transport in case of return is the responsibility of the customer. This will have to be delivered to Foz Gourmet facilities.
c) Return of defective products and wrong shipments will be accepted, and Foz Gourmet will be responsible for shipping and collection costs whenever the customer reports this within 14 days from the date of receipt of the product.
d) Once the goods have been received at our premises and after their condition has been validated accordingly, the refund will be returned by the same payment method (see point 6.6), but if this is not possible, the customer must provide payment proof and ownership of account or card, to make the return by Bank Transfer.
e) Foz Gourmet undertakes to reimburse the customer within 30 days.
f) If the value resulting from the exchange of products of an order is lower or higher than the initial value of the same, the conditions of adjustment will be indicated by Foz Gourmet.
g) All communication about the subject will be made by the following emails:

6.3 Foz Gourmet assumes the responsibility arising from defects of origin or raw material of the purchased product and if confirmed by Foz Gourmet's specialized team, the product will be exchanged or returned at no cost to the customer.

6.4 Foz Gourmet will not accept the return of the product after use, or if it has been altered or modified.

6.5 Foz Gourmet is not responsible for any deficiencies arising from misuse, neglect, poor storage conditions or causes of force majeure.

6.6 When a cash refund is requested for orders paid through the Mutibanco, Credit Card or MbWay payment methods, the return chargeback will be made to the customer indicated Nib (bank number) with the deduction of the operating fee for the respective order payment method. 

6.7 The conditions described in the previous points 6.1 to 6.6 apply to mainland Portugal. For the remaining Zones and/or Countries, points 6.1 to 6.8 apply. 

6.8 For Zones and/or Countries other than mainland Portugal, therefore Madeira Islands and Azores, Europe and Rest of the World, any costs inherent to order returns will always be charged to the customer. Foz Gourmet reserves only the obligation to refund the amount of the returned stock and not the shipping costs and fees associated with the chosen payment method, these costs are borne by the customer.


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