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  • A delicate tea produced from spring stems, with little caffeine. The Kukicha Karigane is a top quality Kukicha. It is a blend of the stems (kukis) together with a selection of fine leaves of the Gyokuro variety. The Hayashi family from the Mie prefecture, steam their teas for longer than normal, which opens the stems and leaf structures. The result is a...

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  • A complex sencha for making multiple infusions. The Marimo Sencha comes from the prefecture of Mie known for its wet and cool climate, which gives its teas a very light and delicate flavour. The infusion is a bright green due to the slightly longer steaming of the leaves (known as the chu- mushi process) and it has a deep and complex aroma. The various...

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  • The large leaves of the summer harvest, together with some of the smaller stems, are very gently roasted for this unique Houjicha. The Morimoto Houjicha combines the elegant aromas of roasting with the fresh taste of green tea. The roasting process makes a tea which, due to its warmer aroma, is considered an excellent tea for cold days. 100g pack Tasting...

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  • The Morimoto Matcha, the best of Morimoto’s family, is ground in a ceramic mill into a very fine powder. The resulting tea, of an intense green, should be stirred, in hot water (50-60ºC), with a bamboo whisk until it develops into a creamy texture. The Matcha is very rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. It is suitable for the...

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  • An easy tea to prepare with the benefits of matcha. Sencha with Matcha is a mixture of Sencha Minami Sayaka with Matcha (the powdered tea used in the Japanese tea ceremony), from the Morimoto family. This quality tea allows one to experience the aroma and the various health benefits of Matcha. The first infusion tastes more of Matcha; the second releases...

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  • Genmaicha has been produced in Japan since the 15th century and it is green tea is mixed with Genmai (little grains of toasted rice). With its slight sweetness, the Genmai blends perfectly with the fresh flavours of Japanese green tea. The Watanabe family choose very fine tea leaves and make a lighter toasting of the rice, for a gentler and more complex...

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